Participation and ecological transition: feedback of experience

How do we address the importance of citizen dialogue with regard to the challenges of ecological transition? How do we mobilise the diverse stakeholders to encourage deep-seated changes in today’s societies to tackle environmental challenges?

Round table

Around the globe we encounter a diverse range of experiences in participation, consultations, conventions, community organisations—how can we design and implement processes that include associations, residents and economic stakeholders to achieve the objectives of reducing the impact of public policies on the environment.

Théâtre Municipal - Room capacity 400
Thursday, 8 December - 11:30 am-1 pm
Languages : FR - EN - ES - PT


Carlos Ribeiro and Isabel Loureiro City of Guimarães (Portugal)

Irene Alonso Toucido Federation for Innovation in Democracy (Belgium)

Josh Lerner and Amanda Luz People Powered (United-States)

Nathalie van Loon and Jan Duffhues City of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Democratic Society (Belgium)

Ram Mani Thapaliya, Laxmi Prasad Upadhyaya, Yekendra Karki, Arjun Shrestha Capacity Building International Network (Nepal)

Municipio del distrito metropolitano de Quito (Equator)

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