The Scientific Committee’s Carte Blanche: Democracies under surveillance: Resistance to shrinking democratic space

While the number of participatory democracy schemes is growing worldwide, attacks on democracy seem to increase in equal measure.

Round table

In Europe, for example, the repression of social movements occurs alongside citizen conventions and participatory budgets of all kinds. In other countries, democratic shrinkage takes the form of more structural authoritarian measures. This prompts a number of questions about the role of cities and citizens collectives in the defence of local democracy: To what extent can cities counterbalance repressive policies at national level? How do local institutional initiatives interact with citizen initiatives? What are the entry points for local democratic resistance? What role do local governments play in these contexts? By sharing experiences, we may get the measure of the challenges to democracy.

Théâtre Municipal - Room capacity 400
Friday, 9 December - 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
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Julien Talpin Chercheur CNRS (France)

Med Wajdi Aydi Deputy mayor, Sfax (Tunisia)

Jules Dumas Nguebou Socio-économiste, Expert en gouvernance et société civile (Cameroon)

Savaş Zafer Şahin Ankara citizen's assembly (Turkey)

Anikó Paróczai Adjointe au maire de Budapest (Hungary)

Mohamad Saadie Président de Dannieh Municipalies Union (Lebanon)

Alexandrina Najmowicz Directrice European Civic Forum (Belgium)

Adrien Roux French coalition for associative freedom (France)

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