Selection Committee

How are the films selected?

The Rencontres Ciné Montagne programme is organised independently. The audience award is given to the best film and comes with a €2000 prize.

Each year, Mission Montagne of Grenoble launches an online platform, open from the end of April to mid-August, where you can upload films.

At the same time, the Rencontres team will get in contact with athletes, directors and producers as well as monitor the internet to find new films from both France and abroad.

After viewing these films, a list of around 50 is sent to the selection committee, who have the responsibility of independently crafting a programme meeting the high expectations of the Rencontres audience.

The selection committee consists of 10 members: 5 women and 5 men. Six of them are invited based on their expertise in mountains or cinematography.
For the 2021 edition, the Rencontres team included more perspectives by randomly selecting 4 members of the public to join the committee. A quota system will be used to ensure a greater diversity both in ages and mountain activities represented. This will be repeated every year to allow new viewers to take part in the committee.

All 50 films suggested by the Rencontres team, are then viewed by the committee, who meet at the beginning of September to discuss and vote on the list of films to be shown (around 25 of the proposed 50).

The 2022 selection committee members


  • Pierre-Loïc Chambon - Director of Mission Montagne

4 audience members

  • Florence Curculosse
  • Philippe Michallon
  • Cécile Soubiran
  • Théo Lafond

6 professional members:

  • Marie Chedrue - Rencontre Ciné Montagne coordinator
  • Ulysse Lefebvre – Chief editor of Alpine Mag
  • Mathias Virilli – Chief editor of Montagne Magazine
  • Pauline Boulet – Mountain journalist
  • Thibault Leduc –  Télégrenoble journalist and Rencontre Ciné Montagne host
  • Tifenn Brisset – Grenoble Cinémathèque (Film Library) secretary


English translation by students at Université Grenoble Alpes :
Manon Sanchez, Zahra Ahmed, Dorian Sifaoui, Laurine Brunel, Marius Istode, Toby Wynn, Jude Dobbin, Mariia Zakharova, Clémence Ogier, Lily Imard , Nathan Ruiz, Oliosi Luna, Marine Leymas